Technical Diving


Take your diving to the next level

Prices include all equipment and materials needed as well as a donation to PADI AWARE Foundation to support marine conservation efforts and help protect the underwater world we love.

Intro to Tec Diving UK

TDI Intro to Tec

Prerequisites - PADI OW or Equivalent and 25 Dives

The TDI Intro To Tec course introduces you to the methods and skills needed in technical diving.  The course is done in manifolded twinsets, making it a useful course both for those wanting to go deeper into 'tec' diving and people that just want to develop key diving skills on new equipment.

This is a 2 day course carried out from the shore diving on the British Blockships sunk by the Royal Navy during the World Wars.


£395 2 Day Course

Deco Diving Orkney

TDI Advanced Nitrox

Prerequisites - PADI AOW, Drysuit, Nitrox and TDI Intro to Tec or equivalent and 25 dives

The TDI Advanced Nitrox Course teaches divers to use enriched air mixes up to 100% Oxygen, on simulated decompression dives, down to a maximum depth of 40m.

This is a 4 day course, with the first 2 days at the shore, followed by 2 days on the boat. This gives us plenty of time to explore Scapa Flow and dive on the best wrecks in Europe.


£850 4 Days (2 Shore + 2 Boat)

£1075 5 Days (3 Shore + 2 Boat) combined with Intro to Tech

£1175 5 Days (2 Shore + 3 Boat) combined with Decompression Procedures.

Learn Technical Diving Scapa Flow

TDI Decompression Procedures

Prerequisites - PADI AOW, Drysuit, Nitrox and TDI Intro to Tec or equivalent and 25 dives

The TDI Decompression Procedures course expands on the knowledge and skills developed in the Advanced Nitrox course, teaching you how to plan and make staged decompression dives down to a maximum depth of 45 meters.


This is done as a 4 day course, including 2 days at the shore and 2 days on the boat, meaning that we get to show you the best of Scapa Flow by diving on both the British Blockships and the ships of the German Grand fleet.



£850 4 Days (2 Shore + 2 Boat)

£1175 5 Days (2 Shore + 3 Boat) Combined with Advanced Nitrox

Scapa Flow Technical Diving

The Tec Explorer

Prerequisites - PADI AOW or equivalent and Drysuit Certification

Our Tec Explorer package is perfect for those that have no technical experience and want to learn how to safely carry out decompression dives.


This is an 8 day course, starting off with 4 days at the shore learning the basics of technical diving in a twinset before adding in stage handling and gas switching.  This is followed by 4 days on the boat, giving you loads of time to practice running decompression dives all whilst exploring some of the greatest wrecks around!


£1750 8 Days (4 Shore + 4 Boat)