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Take your Diving to the Next Level with Kraken Diving

Orkney's Only TDI affiliated technical diving school.

Here at Kraken Diving we pride ourselves on making safe 'tec' divers. This means that we do not just take the minimum time to complete these courses. So if you want a quick flying course we probably aren't the school for you! Instead, we do more than the required course dives with a maximum of 2 students per group. We do this so you get to spend extra time in the water with the instructor, as this is the best way for you to feel confident in your ability and comfortable carrying out the skills learnt.As well as giving you more time developing your skills in the water and making you a safer diver and a better member of the dive team, this also means that you get more time to explore some of the best shipwrecks in Europe, what a combination!


What We Offer

All prices are inclusive of E-learning materials, equipment hire and boat fees. Air fills and decompression gas are also included but enriched air back gas if requested is extra.


TDI Intro To Tech

Prerequisites - PADI OW or Equivalent and 25 Dives

A great stepping stone into the world of technical diving whilst exploring the Blockships at the Churchill Barriers. The TDI Intro To Tech course introduces you to the methods and skills needed in technical diving. During the course we will develop your gas management, trim and buoyancy making it a useful course both for those wanting to go deeper into 'tec' diving and people that just want to develop key diving skills on new equipment.
This is a 2 day course carried out from the shore diving on the British Blockships sunk by the Royal Navy during the World Wars. 


TDI Advanced Nitrox

Prerequisites - PADI AOW and Nitrox or equivalent and 25 dives

The TDI Advanced Nitrox Course teaches divers to use enriched air mixes up to 100% Oxygen, on simulated decompression dives, down to a maximum depth of 40m.  The objective of this course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures in using nitrox such as how to calculate the ideal mix for each depth in order to get the most out of your dives.
This is a 4 day course, with the first 2 days at the shore, followed by 2 days on the boat. This gives us plenty of time to explore Scapa Flow and dive on the best wrecks in Europe.

£850 4 Days / £1075 5 Days with Intro to Tech

TDI Decompression Procedures

Prerequisites - PADI AOW or equivalent and 25 dives

The TDI Decompression Procedures course expands on the knowledge and skills developed in the Advanced Nitrox course, teaching you how to plan and make staged decompression dives down to a maximum depth of 45 meters.
This is done as a 4 day course, including 2 days at the shore and 2 days on the boat, meaning that we get to show you the best of Scapa Flow by diving on both the British Blockships and the ships of the German Grand fleet.

£850 4 Days / £1075 5 Days with Intro to Tech

TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures

Prerequisites - PADI AOW and Nitrox or equivalent and 25 dives

A great option that combines the theory and practical skills learned in both the TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures courses. This qualifies you to 45m and teaches you to use mixes containing up to 100% oxygen to accelerate decompression stops on the way back up. Perfect for getting as long on the WW1 fleet as possible!
This combination course is done over 5 days, we start off with 2 days at the shore followed by 3 days on the boat, allowing us to see new areas and routes on the High Seas fleet that are not accessible to recreational divers!


The Tec Explorer

Prerequisites - PADI AOW or equivalent and 25 dives

Our Tec Explorer package is perfect for those that have no technical experience and want to learn how to safely carry out decompression dives. In this, we will teach the techniques needed for twin set diving, as well as how to plan and make dives requiring decompression stops using mixes containing up to 100% down to a depth of 45m.
This is a 7 day course, starting off with 4 days at the shore learning the basics of technical diving in a twinset before adding in stage handling and gas switching.  This is followed by 3 days on the boat, giving you loads of time to explore the greatest wrecks around!


PADI Self Reliant Diver

Prerequisites - PADI AOW or equivalent and 100 dives.

A great way to introduce yourself to the world of technical diving and increase your safety underwater whilst exploring the blockships of Scapa Flow. This course introduces you to twinset diving and the methods and skills needed in technical diving.

This 2 day course is carried out at the shore on the blockships sunk by the Royal Navy.


Guided Dives

Prerequisites - Technical diving qualification.

For those that are already technically qualified, or wanting to do more diving after their course, we offer guided decompression dives down to a depth of 45m (depending on certification level). This allows us to spend more time exploring the wrecks of The High Seas Fleet with you than would be the case on recreational dives.


Please note that due to the advanced nature of technical diving, enrolling on a course does not guarantee certification. Should you require extra time in the water or classroom in order to demonstrate mastery we will make every possible accommodation for you to be successful in your course.
For everyone wishing to enrol in a TDI course please read the Medical Statement linked below and if you answer 'yes' to any question please consult your local GP to ensure you are fit to dive.