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Money Money Money

When taking bookings from divers we quite often get asked for discounts that we can't offer because, like our friends at some of the other dive schools in the UK, we are trying to resist the "Race to the Bottom"that can be seen throughout the dive industry. We know we aren't the cheapest of dive centres, in fact we're probably towards the top end of the price bracket for UK dive centres and wanted to take a minute to explain the reasons why.


We pay our instructors. (Yay!)

A lot of the dive centres around the world don't pay their instructors to teach, meaning they can only do the job part time as they need a "normal" job to earn enough money to live. We love diving, our instructors love diving and in order for you to love diving as much as possible, we want them to get paid to do what they love. The benefit for you, is that your instructor is fully focused on diving and keeping up to date with diving trends and updates.

We don't have minimum class sizes.

If you're the only person that books a dive or course on certain dates then we'll still run the course, you just get the luxury of a private dive experience (even including the dive boat!) With HSE rules, this means that you could get 3 Kraken Diving Crew all to yourself.

We run courses to your schedule not ours.

We don't run courses on set dates each month and need you to change your plans to fit in with ours, instead we'll dive on whichever dates YOU want to dive (as long as we have space.)

Part of each course fee goes to PADI Aware (Formerly known as Project Aware).

As divers we all care about the underwater world, to help support it as much as possible we pass on part of the course price to the marine charity PADI Aware.

We use modern dive equipment.

So you can have the best experience whilst learning from us, we make sure to use top quality dive equipment, following the trends of where the dive industry is progressing.

On top of this, is all the usual business costs that need to be covered such as PADI fees etc. We hugely appreciate those that do dive with us and hope you think that your dive experience is worth it.

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