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Guided Dives in Scapa Flow on the SMS Karlsruhe

Scapa Flow Guided Dives

The best thing about guided dives, is getting those small details pointed out to you which would be so easy to miss if diving independently (Like the writing on the back of a 15cm gun pictured above). It would be sad to come all the way to Orkney, only to swim past some super cool parts of wreck because you didn't realise they were there (it's easily done, trust us, even the massive guns are missed by people!)

For those that are already qualified or wanting to do more diving after their course, we are the only operator which offers guided dives in Scapa Flow. We can do guided dives both shore diving at the Churchill Barriers and boat diving down to a depth of 45m (depending on certification level). 

The Churchill Barriers have a number of British WW1 and WW2 shipwrecks to explore, all with a maximum depth of 11 meters, making them a great wreck dive for all levels of diver. However, due to the deeper depths of the High Seas Fleet, we require a minimum of Advanced Open Water (or equivalent) and drysuit certification in order to dive on these wrecks.

For those wanting to 'Dive the Whole Fleet' we offer multi day discount deals, contact us to get more information.

£175 Guided Shore Dives
£275 Guided Boat (Very Limited Availability)

(Enriched air nitrox and decompression gases available upon request

at additional cost to those suitably qualified)

For anyone who would like to immortalise their diving experience with us,  we also offer souvenir merchandise and photos.

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