Advanced Open Water Diver

Prices include all equipment and materials needed as well as a donation to Project AWARE to support marine conservation efforts and help protect the underwater world we love.

Go Deeper in Scapa Flow

The Essentials

Bronze Package

This is a 2 day course which starts off shallow, with 1 day at the shore. Here we spend 3 dives working on fundamental dive skills such as buoyancy control and underwater navigation, all whilst exploring the British Blockships sunk by the Royal Navy during the World Wars. For day 2, we head to the boat for 2 dives on the German Fleet. 

Total Dives: 5

Prerequisites - PADI OW or Equivalent and Drysuit Certification



One Just Isn't Enough

Silver Package

This 3 day course is perfect for people that have not dived in drysuits before. 
We start off with 2 days at the Churchill Barriers, firstly with the PADI Drysuit course before moving onto the first dives of the PADI Advanced Open Water Course.

We head to the boat for day 3 to finish off the course on the German High Seas Fleet.

Total Dives: 6

Prerequisites - PADI OW or Equivalent




The Full Shebang

Gold Package

This is our ultimate PADI Advanced Open Water course.
This 3 day course runs as above but also includes the Project AWARE and PADI Enriched Air Diver courses means you'll be well on your way to becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver. 


Total Dives: 6

Prerequisites - PADI OW or Equivalent



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