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Prices include all equipment and materials needed as well as a donation to PADI AWARE Foundation to support marine conservation efforts and help protect the underwater world we love.

Project AWARE Scotland

PADI AWARE Specialty

Prerequisites - Interested in the Underwater World

We are delighted to now be offering the PADI AWARE speciality as a 'Fins Off' course, meaning we can teach you, how we as individuals can help protect the environment, local and global, without you even needing to leave the sofa.

We run the course over Zoom and it takes roughly 2 hours depending on class numbers and how many questions you guys come up with for us. 




UK Dive against debris as a diver cleans up underwater trash

PADI Dive Against Debris Specialist

Prerequisites - PADI OW or equivalent

The Project AWARE Dive against Debris course is perfect for people that love the ocean but aren't sure how to help look after and protect it.

This course starts off with a little bit of theory before we get our dive gear and our survey kits ready to head out for our Dive Against Debris. We do our clean up dives at the Churchill Barriers around the British WW1 and WW2 Blockships, so as well as helping protect the underwater world for the future you'll get to step back in history and explore the wrecks too, what a combination! 

£150 for 1 Dive £200 for 2 Dives

Help Protect Scapa Flow!

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