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Why Choose Kraken Diving?

Here at Kraken Diving we are not trying to compete with other dive centres, this is because we know that everyone wants something different from their dive centres! So here are some details on us to help you decide if we are the centre for you

  • All of our courses and dives are carried out by instructors that have done at least a thousand dives on the various wrecks of Scapa Flow, meaning they have the knowledge to guide you and show you the best areas.

  • We pride ourselves on making safe 'tec' divers. This means that we do not just take the minimum time to complete these courses. So if you want a quick flying course we probably aren't the school for you!

  • ​We start each course with equipment set-up to ensure we have the best and most streamlined equipment for you to use during the course and on future dives.

  • We offer a personal service and level of attention, with a maximum of 2 students per course or 3 on guided dives.

  • Each of our courses has more than the minimum required dives in order to give as much time as possible for skill development.

  • Video is used as a teaching tool as part of the debrief.

As well as giving you more time developing your skills in the water and making you a safer diver and a better member of the dive team, this also means that you get more time to explore some of the best shipwrecks in Europe, what a combination!