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PADI Open Water Diver

Learn to Dive in Scapa Flow, Scotland

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Prices include all equipment and materials needed as well as a donation to PADI AWARE Foundation to support marine conservation efforts and help protect the underwater world we love.

Learn to Dive Scotland

The Essential PADI Open Water

This is a 4 day course where you learn all the fundamental dive skills such as buoyancy control and equipment use. The whole course is done in the sea, meaning you can develop your ability and comfort underwater all whilst diving on the British Blockships sunk by the Royal Navy during the World Wars.


Total Dives : 5 (4 Days)


Certifications - 2 (PADI OW + Drysuit)

Prerequisites - Ability to Swim



PADI Open Water Diver in Scapa Flow

The Hero PADI Open Water

Our 5 day Open Water Course starts the same as our Essential Package, except that you get an extra day to solidify your in water skills and explore more of the underwater world. On top of this you'll get an extra certification by earning your Dive Against Debris and learning how to protect the underwater world.


Total Dives: 7 (5 Days)

Certifications - 3 (PADI OW, Drysuit, Dive Against Debris)

Prerequisites - Ability to Swim


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