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PADI Discover Scuba Diving

Experience Breathing Underwater for the First Time!


The Essentials Package

Bronze Package

There aren't many (if any) other places in the world never mind the UK where you can experience the thrill of diving on WW1 and WW2 Shipwrecks on your first ever scuba dive but you can with us here at Kraken Diving!
This is a great half day option for people that would like to explore the underwater world but don't want to commit to the full PADI Open Water Course just yet. The PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience is taught one on one and teaches you basic diving skills before taking you out on a dive around one of the most historically important diving sites in the world!

£90 for 1 Dive

One Just Isn't Enough

Silver Package

Once you've had the initial thrill of breathing underwater many people just can't get enough of it!
Here you get the same experience as with our essentials package to start with but you also get an additional dive to further explore the British Blockships that we have at our shore diving site.

£170 for 2 Dives.

The Full Shebang

Gold Package

Your first time underwater can be a life changing experience for people!
This package includes 2 dives on the British Fleet as well as photos of your underwater experience.

£225 for 2 Dives and Photos.

For everyone wishing to enrol in a PADI course please read the Medical Statement linked below and if you answer 'yes' to any question please consult your local GP to ensure you are fit to dive.