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Get a Head Start on your Next Diving Adventure!

With everyone stuck in lockdown at the moment, our friends at PADI have come up with an awesome special offer on E-Learning for all of their online courses at the moment!

They are currently offering 25% off the E-learning courses until the 31st of May making this the perfect time to sign up for your next diving course and give yourself something to look forward to again. This means you can get all of the theory out of the way before arriving on your holiday so once here all you need to focus on is diving and exploring the underwater world!

Anyone that signs up for E-learning through us will be able to Zoom chat with our instructors if they would like a guiding hand through the course or just want a bit of a chinwag and some more information on the theory.

To take advantage of this special offer just click here and sign up for the courses you are interested in directly through PADI. In order to pass the saving on to you and not benefit from it ourselves, once you've signed up for the discounted E-learning we will still be taking the normal E-learning price off the costs of the course booked through us!

We would recommend contacting us first to check that we can offer the courses when you would like to do them.

Thanks for reading and stay safe everyone!

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