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Safety First Safety Second.

Alright guys, we are so excited that we are going to be back in the water from Saturday and able to show you guys the wreck sites that we know and love. As we have said before there are a number of one procedures we are putting in place to help make things as safe as possible for both you guys, us and the Orkney Locals. We were recently updated by the Orkney Hyperbaric Trust and Sula Diving who run the chamber here about some rules they will be applying to divers during the Covid-19 outbreak. The Orkney Hyperbaric Trust (OHT) will not recompress any person who displays any symptoms or history suggestive of coronavirus infection. This has been put in place to protect the staff that operate the chamber and to minimise the risk of transmission. The potential for abnormal gas exchange that can be caused by Covid-19 could also require a higher level of support that is available here. Anyone that has not suffered from the virus would be treated as normal, the only difference is that dive buddies could not join you in the chamber, just the patient can go in. We always do conservative diving with you guys anyway, so we usually never have to see the guys at OHT during the season! But we just wanted to make you all aware of this policy. One change we are making in light of the announcement is that for anyone diving on enriched air, we are going to change the PPO2 of gases that we use on dives to 1.2 for the main dive and 1.4 for any decompression done (Instead of 1.4 and 1.6). We have always done this for our technical dives but are also adopting it for our recreational dives now as well.

Again this is for both your safety, our own and that of the OHT and we hope you understand. 

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