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Be Prepared

Although things didn't go well for Scar and his lovely Hyenas in the Lion King, we totally agree with the idea of being prepared and so we thought it'd be handy to give you a bit more information on what to expect from your Scapa Flow experience with us whether diving or snorkelling!

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We'll start off with the bad news, unlike James Bond in Goldeneye, us mere mortals don't get to look this good by rocking a tuxedo underneath our drysuits (plus we're pretty sure it wouldn't keep you very warm!) Instead we'd recommend tracksuit/thermal bottoms or leggings and a thermal top or sweater without a hood along with some warm socks. If you feel the cold we'd say a combination of these is a good idea. Just to top off the look, we're going to ask you to tuck your top into your bottoms then bottoms into your socks (we did warn you!)


Other than clothes, we'd say to bring along plenty to eat and drink as all this exploring is hungry work. Some folks like to bring a towel to dry their hair afterwards too if they're lucky enough to be blessed with long and luscious locks!

If you fall into this last category, then there are a few hairstyles which make it easier for wearing the drysuit and hood you'll be using when in the water with us. You've got double braids, braids and ponytail or a banded ponytail. Our friends over at Fifth Point Diving Centre have posted an article just on this which you can check out here:

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