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Say cheese!

© Image copyright of Disney Pixar

If you're looking for underwater photography skills beyond just asking the fish to smile for you through your regulator and hoping for the best, then we're delighted to say that we at Kraken Diving can now offer the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer.

As Rob once did an awesome dive where he thought he got cool shots of a couple of turtles and a shark, only to realise once back on the boat he'd done the whole dive with a lens cap on, you'll be glad to know this course is taught by our in-house photographer Margot Katerina instead of him!

We're currently in the process of developing this program to ensure that you get the most out of your course possible and get the opportunity to take some awesome photo's whilst exploring some amazing dive sites. The course will be conducted over 2 days at the Churchill barriers and anyone that is interested just drop us a message and we can get this sorted for you.

© Image copyright of Margot Katerina Photography

The course will not only enable you to get hints and tips about improving your photos, it will be a real test on buoyancy skills. To be able to not move while setting up your composition is something that can be as tricky as deciding what kind of images you want to take.

We go on about the Churchill Barriers being a great spot for learning and, for this course, this is no exception. Being maximum 10m means you are safe to play around with buoyancy and be shallow enough that natural light is our friend.

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