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Solo Traveling? No Problem

Often when booking a diving trip, you need to be paired with a buddy or bring one yourself. However, we don't have minimum numbers on our trips, meaning people can enjoy guided diving in Orkney, or take part in our courses, even if no-one else books on. Be it at the shore, around the Churchill Barriers or exploring deeper wrecks off the boat in Scapa Flow, we take solo divers wherever they like.

Brittle starfish covering the wreck SMS Karlsruhe

Instructor Rob showing a section of the wreck SMS Karlsruhe to solo diver

Due to how we run things, our group numbers are always small. A group can consist of 1 diver with 2 of our staff members, following the regulations of the HSE. If we can pair people up, then we love putting buddy teams together or if we have some friends/family members booking in, we may push a group of people up to 3 divers with 2 staff members. We believe this gives you a better chance of seeing more that Orkney has to offer.

A friendly wrasse eating some silt on the WW2 German Escort Wreck F2

Father and son doing a Try and Dive together with our instructors

Cold water diving can sometimes cause people to get nervous, so in having smaller groups we can give people the reassurance they need no matter where we are diving without having the pressure of other divers in the group missing out on anything.

It is also well known that spotting marine life can be trickier in the colder waters, so in having less people finning in a close area to see a camouflaged scorpion fish (for example), gives you a much better chance in actually seeing it. Nobody wants to be finned in the face!

Scorpian fish at the Churchill Barriers

Scorpion fish at the Churchill Barriers

So if you are a solo diver on your travels, then don't hesitate to get in touch. We accommodate for all and keep group sizes small.

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