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Embrace the Dark Side

There can't be many more famous sounds in the worlds of TV or Cinema than the heavy robotic breathing of Darth Vader. You knew if you were a rebel soldier and heard this sound coming towards you things were unlikely to go well for you! But did you know that this sound effect was made using an old fashioned diving regulator? Even though we have brand new Apeks Diving regulators you can still recognise the tell tale sound of breathing and embrace your inner Vader.

Contact us to book a scuba diving experience for the biggest Star Wars fan in your life with us and take a step towards the dark side (no force choking or lightsabers allowed!)

To Celebrate International Star Wars Day, if you use the booking code Vader in communication with you and you'll get 10% off your Discover scuba diving or Guided Diving experiences with us if booked before the end of May 2020.

May the 4th be with you.

Image not owned by Kraken Diving.

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