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Take Only Memories, Leave Only Bubbles

As divers and snorkelers, we are privileged to see parts of the planet often cut off to others. This gives us a window to see problems possibly hidden to others and the potential power to help solve them. To quote Uncle Ben from Spiderman, "with this great power, comes great responsibility", and it is with this in mind that we've made some changes to our course combinations.

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As Dive School operators, both myself and Margot feel a great responsibility and opportunity to help the planet both underwater and on the surface as much as we can. It is with this in mind that we've changed our Dive Packages to try and push the PADI Dive Against Debris and Project Aware courses as much as possible. If you sign up for these packages you either get the courses for free or our extra time for free (depending which way you look at things). This is just our little way of thanking you for helping to look after the planet and hopefully will encourage you to carry on doing so.


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