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Discover how to Discover Scuba Dive

We often get asked to describe how we run our Try and Dive experiences and what to expect so we thought we would put together a blog explaining exactly that.

Try Diving Kraken Diving

Antony discovering the Empire Seaman at Churchill Barrier 3 on his Try and Dive

Once you get booked into your Try and Dive, and a date is set, you get sent a PADI e-learning link. It's only a little homework, don't worry, and takes about 30mins to do. It goes through the basics of scuba diving and explains what you will do when you come with us on site. The PADI paperwork is attached to that as well, so it can all be done in advance and saves lots of time on the day – you only want to hear Margot and Rob brief for so long.

E-learning for Discover Scuba Dive Scotland

With all that in the bag, we then meet you at the Churchill Barriers where you will be diving around the WW1 and WW2 British Blockships. Don't worry if you know nothing about why they are there, we will give you a short history brief and the reasoning behind the Churchill Barriers themselves. At this point we will explain our kit to you, as each dive centre has a slightly different set up, and then it is time to get ready for heading into the water! Our staff are on hand the entire time to get you in the kit properly and make sure everything fits correctly.

Predive Briefing for Try and Dive in Orkney

Getting to grips with the kit

Now time to head into the water itself. We take it one step at a time, first of all (in ankle deep water) we help you pop on a mask, then a little deeper to help you on with fins. Once we are about waist deep then we just get you to try breathing in the water with the regulator – you turn into a fish! Once comfortable with this, in the same depth of water, we kneel down and work through the basic safety skills. After you have smashed your way through these, it's time to go explore.

Safety Skills during a Try and Dive, Scotland

Smashing through the Try and Dive skills

Each person has an instructor holding onto their tank and controlling their buoyancy so that they can swim and enjoy all the wrecks and marine life that there is to see, without having to think about controlling where they are in the water. Depending on comfort levels, the dive lasts around the 30mins mark.

At the end, we help you out the kit and hopefully you have now fallen in love with the underwater world like we have.

Fancy giving it a go, drop us an email and we will get you booked in. Can't wait!

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