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Diving Deeper into our Scapa Flow Wreck Course

A couple of weeks ago, we gave you a little teaser on our brand new PADI Scapa Flow Wreck Diver Course that can only be done with us here at Kraken Diving. We thought we would just give you a further update on this unique course, with more information on what it involves!


The course starts off with some theory work, with a presentation all about the history of Scapa Flow and the wrecks that you'll be diving on whilst you're here with us. This presentation will also introduce those of you who have never done technical diving to some of the communication methods and teamwork involved in it to help make dives safe and avoid ending up like this!

Once we head into the water we start off shallow on the British Blockships at the Churchill Barriers, where we will work on the skills above as well as further dive planning techniques so you would be able to safely dive without a guide on wrecks in Scapa and elsewhere.

After this we will head out for 2 days of diving on the German High Seas Fleet which Scapa Flow is so famous for with divers around the world. Here we will put everything you've learned into action, all whilst working together as a dive team to explore some of the best shipwrecks in the world.

We might be a bit biased but we think it should be an amazing course for people to take and are also delighted to offer it as a combo course with the "TDI Intro to Tec" course for those more interested in technical diving.


If you agree and it sounds like something for you then you can check out the other combinations we're offering for it at

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